Our Service Promise

Our commitment to design, the latest technology and customer service coupled with a highly motivated workforce enables us to offer the highest quality services to our customers.

A Family Business

A family business since 1922 going into its 4th generation. Mathers Ltd operates in two main industry sectors Dairy farming and Renewables.

Forward Thinking

Moving forward we are committed to improvement through change. While not moving away from our core values, the number one being our relationship with our customers remains our highest priority.

Services We Provide



As Delaval agent we provide a milking solution for all farm sizes, whether this be VMS, Rotary, Midiline or one unit one stall.


Herd Management

With Delpro & Herd navigator Delaval & Mathers offer an unrivalled herd management solution.


Milk Cooling & Storage

We provide Delaval & Fabdec tank cooling solutions, we provide a yearly service contract & can also install heat recovery units.


Why Choose Us?

  • Over 90 years experience in the milking industry
  • 24/7 365 days local call out service
  • Company continually changes and improves with technology

What Client’s Say

I wasn’t keen on the teat preparation & alarm systems on the other robots and the Delaval software is brilliant! The cows have control of the shed now and if there’s a problem Delaval dealer Mathers Ltd will stay until the job is done which is testament as everything was still working when I returned from a month in Australia. We have 100% faith in our decision of robotic milking.
J. Sloan
 I installed a 20/40 midiline Delaval milking parlour with Herdsman backing gate, no feeding & sort gates. The idea was to get increased cow flow & throughput through the parlour & then automatically divert cows to specific feeding stations. The Delaval parlour has achieved this & the trust & backup from Mathers has been outstanding. I get piece of mind that farm assurance regulations are met with the yearly parlour & tank service from Mathers.
I. Prentice